Synthetic Reality Division

Some Swell Doggerel

A collection of poems and random notes

In sum, swell doggerel

Have you met Boilerplate Ben?
He's a lawyer now and then.
Black's Law Dictionary and zen
Same contracts again and again


Your sister says
where's a fat man in your bedroom
and I, I can hear him groan...

Oh Carlita
How could you do this to me
When you said you'd be all alone

I want to know
Just what it is, what it is
He is doin to make you moan


Sex is a sensation,
fueled by temptation,
that uses ovulation,
and ejaculation,
for fertilization,
to increase population,
and make the next generation,
do you get my explanation,
or do you need a demonstration?


torn up

i got it bad
you leave me sad,
like i've been had;
makes me damn mad!

if i tore out my heart
and threw it on the floor,
would you dance around it?
would you ask for more?

or would you turn
and walk out the door
like you have
a thousand times before?

when the nightman comes callin
who will you be a ballin?
in whose arms have ya fallen
while i am bawlin...

bye bye baby bye bye,
can't let you make me cry,
so bye bye baby bye bye,
i'm gonna let you fly.


You can't say i didn try
but you only made me cry
so bye bye baby bye bye

Yeh it's easy to see
you don't give a damn for me
so best i let you be



on the sleazy side of town
looking for a fix to get down

english avenue in the bluff
that where i get my stuff

yeh the place is rough
but hey i am tough

got my needle got my spoon
be lookin for more very soon

they say you could die down here
but that's not somethin i fear

there ain't no doubt about it
i'm quite addicted to the shit

and it's easy to see
shit got its hooks in me


i think of you often, though the memories dim and soften

eeyore told me i should worry about you and wonder how i had offended you. So i ripped his head off and spread the stuffings across the lawn. Fool donkey!

one thing i believe you see
bobby different as can be.
please come play with me?

any resemblance to any actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. no such resemblance is intended.


SharLin waited pensively while her toyboy was being repaired. She thought they certainly didn't work very long if you ran them hard. She giggled at her double entendre. But the toyboys were after all the best of technology, unless you could afford a real boy like her sister owned. And he was the second boy she'd had in as many years too. Wherever did she get that kind of money. Um um um. Oh well. SharLik was a good tech and SharLin's toyboy would be back up in no time. She laughed at her silly little pun. SharLin fancied herself to be quite clever and somewhat the wit. In reality this was just a something she imagined; the toyboys were programmed as sycophants with a penchant towards flattering their owners and she accepted their judgement as truth. As a general rule toyboy afficianados had more money than wit, and SharLin was no exception.


heard the cries as they echoed from the bridge of sighs.
hmmm. somebody slappin them thighs, that'd be my surmise.
the thought makes me rise, but that's no surprise,
for i tell you no lies that is what i prize.


Easy to See

Oh yeah any fool can see, you could do better'n me.
Yeah it's easy to see, you're way to good for me.

But it's more than clear
When I hold you warm and near,
kiss your cheek and nuzzle your ear,
and whisper "I love you dear"

In the middle of the night
When you hold me warm and tight,
Sharing your earthly delight,
I know it's gonna be alright.

Oh yeah any fool could see, you got eyes for me.
Yeah it's plain to me, I'm the only one you see.

winking eye

winking eye
soft lover's sigh, winking eye
sweet lips

silk glove, soft winking eye, winked its eye
lover's trips

soft like a sigh to shy, winked its eye
lover's trips

soft like a sigh, never no til ya try
smooth hips
lover's trips

winked its eye, soft lover's thigh
smooth lipped love,
before the sigh, winked its eye
soft, like a sigh...

In my mystic forest

In my mystic forest
With just me and Mary
Behind the locked door,
I squat on my haunches
And pull one toke more.

Sitting here in the dark
The only reality the floor,
Closed secure in this womb.
A construction of silence
And a darkened room.

Stoned solo late at night
High here in this half light,
And nobody with me any more.
Just my shadow on the floor
And it ain't the same as before.


You can't say i didn try
but you only made me cry
so bye bye baby bye bye

Yeh it's easy to see
you don't give a damn for me
so best i let you be


"In the beginning, the internet was a formless void. Then Google spake saying 'let there be indexing,' and there was indexing. And Google saw that it was exploited. (Goo. 1:1)"

And it was GOOD! And the stockholders were mightily pleased by what the Google had made. (Goo 1:2)

"And Google saw that the wickedness of man was great on the internet, and that every optimization of his sites was only evil always. (Goo. 6:5)"

What Google's doin next: 'And behold, even I, do bring the Panda Update upon the internet, to destroy all RSS fed blogs and white label websites, wherein is the traffic of video on demand, and all these content farms shall surely die.' (Goo. 6:17)"


Well she used to love me but that's all over now...

For those with the unbridled temerity to inquire of her name, she goes by Simile, Simile Metaphor...

She worked at a club downtown. That's where I met her, at "The Hatbox". She was a "dancer", that's what she called it anyway. And it was good. Hell, it was better than good. It was great. Till we emptied the account. Then she split. Took the jewelry too. She was like that.

Has anybody seen my baby? Has anyone seen my gal?

Tales of heartache and desire. Distrust and lust. She sounded SO sincere. I couldn't help it, I just had to believe, know? Aw crap! Now I'm cryin again. Damn! Sniff.

I mean she could be as fine as the rose and just as sweet, but damn, she could be mean as the thorns too. Maybe that was part of it. The idea that I could tame the tough girl. Make her into a lady, know?

The hull seemed to tremble just so slightly as the retros fired their quick little bursts, the servos reacting in instants to every stimulus. We were coming down. Down in Territory.

Donco was pissed. It was the umpteenth time he'd heard about Simile and my tale gave him unpleasant memories. That way sometimes, know?

But hey, he would never SAY he was pissed. Nah. Then I could refuse to listen to HIS monologue, and that simply wasn't gonna happen. Nah. We were kinda honor bound to listen stoically to each other's sad and tawdry refrain.

This is why we don't date chicks that work at clubs, dance for a living. A Ho is A ho, you know... Ya know? Good riddance!


I believe that we are not alone in the universe. I believe there are civilizations out there both more advanced and less sophisticated than ours. But, I also know that there are a LOT of "hoax" videos about UFOs. I just don't think that this video shows UFOs in the sense of alien craft.

Once upon a time I was driving in Kentucky. Long straight stretch of road. This very bright object/light came in from what was to me the left horizon and traversed about halfway across the hemisphere moving incredibly fast. Then it turned 90 degrees. No curving turn. No slowdown. If there are species beyond our ken, their technology will appear as magic. And barring accident I don't think for the most part that we'll know when they arrive(d). If they land in my front yard I may poop in me undies first, but I am nonetheless determined to ask for a ride.

You know if there are such advanced species what could they gain from us? Well suppose that they brought "us" here to begin with.
Suppose that propagating their species this way was part of their "program" and that this dispersion, diaspora galactica, is intended to insure survival and gain trade partners, where the trade is to be in ideas, in concepts and in thoughts, not in material objects; that is, once we ascend to that level. IF we ascend to that level...


Stoner version of "The Golden Road to Samarkand"
The caravan of pilgrims come upon a caravan, sharing the same path on The Golden Road to Samarkand. The master of the Caravan is unimpressed with the stoners, but stunned by their resolve. A small licence on history here.
THE CAMEL MASTER : Allah, help us deal with our tolerances as we bravely commit ourselves to the peace cause. May we stay strong and high as we face our foes. May we never run out of weed as we cross the land of Allah. May we always have water for our bubblers, and fire for our joints.
THE MASTER OF THE CARAVAN : But who are ye in rags and rotten shoes, You dirty-bearded stoners, blocking up the way?
THE STONERS : We are the Stoners, master; we shall go Always a little higher: it may be Beyond the last blue mountain barred with snow, Across that angry or that glimmering sea, White on a throne or guarded in a cave There lives a prophet with a bong who can understand
Why men were born: but surely we are brave, Who make the Golden Journey to Samarkand. We will go and smoke to all corners of the globe. Join us, pilgrims, as we smoke for peace. Treating Yourself Magazine's Caravan of enlightenment is free to join. Bring yer own camel.
A PILGRIM WITH A BEAUTIFUL VOICE : Sweet to ride forth at evening from the songs When shadows pass gigantic on the sand, And softly through the silence bubble the bongs Along the Golden Road to Samarkand.
A MERCHANT : We travel not for trafficking hash: By hotter winds our fiery hearts are fanned: For lust of knowing what should not so dash We make the Golden Journey to Samarkand.
THE MASTER OF THE CARAVAN : Open the gate, O watchman of the night!
THE WATCHMAN : Ho, travelers, I open. For what land Leave you the dim-moon city of delight?
THE MERCHANTS with a shout We make the Golden Journey to Samarkand. We are emissaries from Treating Yourself Magazine bringing hemp and marijuana awareness to the infidel moral majority. We are brigands for peace. We are the pilgrims. We have arrived. The Caravan passes through the gate
By: Mark Heinrich

In a dream I saw her, the Jade Lady. She was at the temple. With a snake. They said it was her familiar. I don't know. I ran. But my feet would not move. I was consumed by the snake. In the pit of holy fire I became her consort. Then I awoke. And I have had this fever and chills ever since the dream. What could it be doctor?

Take advantage of the machine, USE the machine, make it yield to your advances. But don't let the machine by itself just generate random effects. I am seeking edification about PhotoShop and I've been playing a lot with filters. But what is REALLY the cat's meow is a drawing tablet. You just "draw" except it's on the screen. And it's fast. And forgiving. Oooops! Just UNDO. It appears that most of what I can do with pencil ink or paint can be done on the machine. I peeped some of ur stuff. Don't give up "handmade" on REAL media. But it IS fun. I am grateful for the toys and some talent God gave me.

The member of Abu'l-Haylukh remained In erection for thirty days, sustained By smoking hashish. Abu'l-Hayjeh deflowered in one night Eighty virgins in a rigid rite, After smoking hashish. Felah the Negro did jerk off his yard For all of a week; hashish kept it up hard. The Negro Maymum, with opiate, Without stopping to ejaculate, Futtered for fifty consecutive days. Allah bepraise him for having fulfilled Such a task! But then, fresh vigor instilled, Obliged to furnish ten days more-- Making sixty days of coition his score-- He fain went on and finished the chore. During this ordeal Maymum, in bed, Smoked what held up his penis head: Hashish! -- Quoted in *The Cradle of Erotica*, Edwardes & Masters, pg. 96.

Most High God or One True God are depicted as having a special place in the Father's heart. The Father sent visions and miracles of confirmation to confirm to the Jewish Christians that even gentiles were favored special by God. It was very hard for Jews to believe -- we were considered as filthy dogs. Even Jesus acknowledged how really uncouth gentiles were compared to his Jewish kin. So I agree with you...kind of. I just believe that He really is the King. If he is not then the New Heavens and New Earth that we are to inherit is not real. See? So, in the end he is the savior or he is not. There is mystery here. Even the dead can be baptized according to scripture and our soul journey has been a long one -- much longer than this earth life. He is faithful to redeem the sincere heart, I know. In terms of spiritual illumination I think that the very fact that Jesus can create such anger and animosity for claiming to be the Messiah -- the saviour of the world -- is fascinating. What that idea does to our hearts tells us somthing about our hearts if we are willing to honestly explore. Jesus moves people -- he sifts hearts and he got killed for calling people to a repentance that they didn't want to embrace. Amazing man. I have reached the conclusion that only one such as Him can finish the work of slavation that was begun at the forming of Creation.

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. Mahatma Gandhi

Dalai Lama Some people automatically associate morality and altruism with a religious vision of the world. But I believe it is a mistake to think that morality is an attribute only of religion. We can imagine two types of spirituality: one tied to religion, while the other arises spontaneously in the human heart as an expression of love for our neighbors and a desire to do them good.

Thank you for your mercy Lord, I need you. Nothing works without Him in our lives. Sometimes when we sin and fall short of the Glory of God,{ which is every day} the deceiver wants us to believe we can't go back. Accept God's love, His mercy is new every day. He speaks to us through praise songs such as this, I heard it for the first time in Church today, thank you? Jesus. He is returning in the blink of an eye. Thank you for giving me a new life, a new hope.

?"I cant explain myself, because im not myself you See..."

This song is one of the best ever. Just gives me chills.

The summer had inhaled and held its breath too long
The winter looked the same, as if it never had gone
And through an open window where no curtain hung
I saw you, I saw you, comin' back to me
One begins to read between the pages of a look
The shape of sleepy music, and suddenly you're hooked
Through the rain upon the trees, that kisses on the run
I saw you, I saw you, comin' back to me

You can't stay and live my way
Scatter my love like leaves in the wind
You always say you want to go away
But I know what it always has been, it always has been

A transparent dream beneath an occasional sigh
Most of the time I just let it go by
Now I wish it hadn't begun
I saw you, yes I saw you, comin' back to me

Strolling the hills overlooking the shore
I realize I've been here before
The shadow in the mist could have been anyone
I saw you, I saw you, comin' back to me

Small things like reasons are put in a jar
Whatever happened to wishes wished on a star?
Was it just something that I made up for fun?
I saw you, I saw you, comin' back to me

They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you're high, you can do everything you normally do, just as well. You just realize that it's not worth the fucking effort." (Bill Hicks)


"God has come in different ways that the many might be saved. There are many paths to the gates of Heaven."
from the Book of Bob (BoB) 1:1

I cannot find any reference to this or similar phrasing. Therefore I claim it as the first verse in the Book of Bob.


Bob has a peculiar take on forgiveness he'd like to share. In the Lord's Prayer we ask for forgiveness for something. In most people's familiar it is trespass. That's because this version came from England, where trespass was one of the worst transgressions.
In other traditions its our indebtedness, from Europe, where monetary debt was not good. We ask for forgiveness as we forgive others. But here's the rub: if you cut me I can forgive you or not as I choose. But if you cut Jack, only Jack and God can forgive you. I cannot forgive you for cutting Jack. In fact, if I PRESUME to forgive you for cutting Jack, I am committing hubris.

For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. It teaches us to say 'No' to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, while we wait for the blessed hope the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good.
~~ Titus 2:11-14
Finding the good, doing the good not to get into heaven, but because of the joy in having already gotten my ticket.
This phrase, "For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men." is and holds one of the most important concepts about my belief system. In my mind "to all men" doesn't mean just those who accept Christ as their savior. And somebody said "God has come in different ways that the many might be saved." And this doesn't contradict the notion that some may not come unto the Father except by Jesus. My Father sends whom He will to every man. And if He comes for you, however He may appear, you'd best accept the gift. I'd guess that perspective is not altogether acceptable to some.
LikeYeah! "Shrooms" as the popular phrase goes is a very nice high. Now they are experimenting with psilocybin for mental illness, with Ritalin being used as the control drug for some of the subjects. Now Ritalin have you seeing people in the trees. One of the few drugs that provoked paranoia in the LabRat. My limited experience indicates that there is a tendency for lingering aspects of the trip. I'd probably gobble a handful if they were in front of me. In me old age I used to wash em down with beer. Ah well...

You can make your little head do amazing tricks, and it isn't that difficult. Some tricks, like associations, may seem contrived but after you have done this a few times it becomes background process, so you don't have to focus on the remembering so much.


And my house shall have places to lie, perchance then to nap and to dream. In my house, I shall know heaven.


There were four old whores of Baltimore,
Drinking beer and wine,
The topic of conversation was,
"Mine is bigger than thine."

Chorus :

Roly Poly, tickle my holey, smell of of my slimey flue,
Then drag your nuts across my guts,
I'm one of the whorey crew.

The first old whore from Baltimore said,
"Mine's as big as the air,
The birds fly in, the birds fly out,
And never tickle a hair."


Midnight sweat.
Soaking wet.
Worst one yet.
Can't forget.
Vietnam vet.


winking eye

soft lover's sigh, winking eye
sweet lips
silk glove, soft winking eye, winked its eye
lover's trips
soft like a sigh too shy, winked its eye
lover's trips
soft like a sigh, never no til ya try
smooth hips
lover's trips
winked its eye, soft lover's thigh
smooth lipped love,
before the sigh, winked its eye
soft, like a sigh too shy, winked its eye
lover's trips
soft love, never know til ya try, winked its eye
smooth hips, lover's trips
before the sigh winked its eye
sweet lips
winked its thigh before the sigh, sweet eye
lover's trips
like a cry before the sigh, soft thigh
lover's trips
soft, love, too shy to sigh, winked its eye
smooth hips
lover's trips
soft lover's thigh,
soft silk glove never no til ya try
before the sigh winked its eye
lover's trips
soft lover's sigh, never know til ya try
sweet lips, lover's trips


Fart proudly
crepitu superbe


the dragon is at the door
with his fiery roar
because he wants more


Listen my children and you shall hear
A warning that needs to be made clear.
Out here on the highway the risk is near;
No locks nor latches should allay your fear,
You see the highwaymen are already here,
And they want what you hold so very dear.
So, wanna buy some protective cyber gear?


i saw the uber geek
he was quite unique
one strange freak

let me tell ya how it's gonna be
yes lord jesus is the one for me
he came along and he set me free
of this earthly sin and misery


It was a wondrous machine
Both concave and convex
So it would suit either sex
But oh what a mess to clean


The thug monkey has come down from on high,
I tell you the monkey is no more in the sky,
Instead he has come to abide with you and I.
Monkey hopes you will believe him bye and bye
So chin up there's no reason for you to cry,
Monkey said so and you know he wouldn't lie.
Soon everyone will have a slice of the pie,
And Branson and Bezos won't be allowed to fly
With resources stolen from you and another guy.


livin the blues with a jazz flavor
that's the kind of music I savor
play some more and win my favor


In the space between the stars,
Out there someplace way past Mars,
They say you run out of whiskey bars
Along the freeways filled with cars,
Those long and cold concrete scars.
But it's ok cause we got mason jars
Full of the kindest of blunt cigars.


Oh my honey, my do good honey,
If only we had all his money,
Why then the things we could do!

Save the world for me and you!

Doesn't matter about his plan,
He simply doesn't understand
This great egalitarian opportunity
To do some real good for our community.

No mere mortal needs that much dough,
Surely that much we all should know.
If he doesn't appreciate our scheme,
Take his funds to finance our dream.

Because what is truly important here
Is the agenda we hold so near and dear,
And we need to make that really clear!


I saw a place
there was blue sky over a city of gold
a fever dream
or at the least that is what I am told
no reality
would dare be so beautiful nor so bold
and now you see
I am become quite cynical and quite old
and what I think
is that it has all been bought and sold


Logins are fascinating!

So let's consider the idea of the Magic Link (ML). A user wants to login to your site or app using an ML.

The first part of the ML protocol involves the user's request to do an ML login. Does a user want to use an ML, and if so how do they let us know that?

Let's assume the user has to request an ML login to initiate the protocol, though you could just send ML's to all your clients for say an ad campaign. So for example to request an ML a user could provide an Email or an SMS address, or if the system preregisters users perhaps their user name, maybe even an ID or address for a connected key fob device or special host. This request for an ML could be a user entry or automata provided.

The second part of the protocol is our response or reply to an ML request. To respond to the user's request for an ML we need some address or means of contacting the user to provide or deliver that ML (or other info, say an error message) to them.

Do we even know who they are, or for that matter do we care beyond the simple contact information needed to send the ML?


for fuck's sake
The singular form of the apostrophe has an implied yet not explicit plurality for the possessor fuck. So while the textual expression is singular there is an embodiment of plurality that can not be overlooked. This is frequently an issue in the interpretation of idiomatic speech or expressions. ð


Now babe don't come all undone
It's just a cowboy with his gun
Looking for some hit and run
And other kinds of good clean fun


Though her duralon finish
Had begun to diminish
I loved her just the same
For that I'll take the blame
But her gears had started to strip
They could no longer get a grip
And she really started to flip
So then I called the factory
They offered nothing satisfactory
I am so tired of trying to explain
To get poor service again and again
For a product that just went insane


Hail Proud Mary!
Not very pretty,
'n her lip is hairy;
yeah she is scary,
one ugly fairy.


being a genius is rather like being a high powered battery.
nothing happens until you connect it to something. ;-)


"The man represented all that was wrong with the world, a shining avatar of evil so bright, Jill wanted to slam the door and spend the next hour and a half on her knees."


The family archives have it recorded that before he had attained to his second birthday, Prince Toby, One Hundred and Nineteenth Heir Ascendant To the Throne of Spandor, had trained his pet dragon Rufus to provide him playful transport about the castle.
The people of Spandor, His Majesty's future subjects, took this as an omen and harbinger of extreme good fortune, for it was the fighting dragons that had gained their armies dominion over all the known lands of Estar, their world. Alas fair Estar. His reign was the most brutal recorded in all the many Volumes of the Histories of Spandor.


here is what i think.
i think my life and everything i am and everything i have is a blessing from God. i am absolutely certain of it. nay saying nattering nabobs of negativism need not comment.
and i have a purpose in life which is congruent with exactly why he might do that for me. my purpose is right here in this verse from the gospel of mark. it is in the old testament too, i recall reading it, Deuteronomy comes to mind. put the words on your door that you see them on your coming in and going out is the prescription.
Mark 12:30
'And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.'
seems like such a simple concept really, doesn't it? every good thing, every good work, every kindness that you might do or grant would be at the root a desire to show your love for God. i believe that absolutely.
now we are getting to the hard part. then why do i not always do these things, and in fact why i am so often doing the contrary?
even though i try, it seems i cannot be good sometimes. boys and girls it is the gift of free will, and i do not always will the good. if you always do the good, you can quit reading right here.
my problem is the self. self and its notion that it is somehow more grand to serve the self than God gets my fool ass in trouble every time.
see i understand y'all already know this stuff, down pat. but every so often i need some reflection upon my selection in hope of the resurrection.
thanks be to God maker and giver of all things. amen.


livin' the blues payin' them dues....

ain't no denyin',
baby of mine,
she so fine.
i'm not lyin'
takes me flyin'

baby i love you only
it's because of you
i don't get blue
and ain't ever lonely


monday with gilly

sweet little baby let me tell you something true,
i don't need another reason to be a fool for you.
i love you for your looks and everything you do,
you're there when i need a friend to turn to
and especially when i need a lover to hold onto.
it's not surprising that every day i fall in love anew.

i like to make verses for Gillian. she gets me off!

a nice quote from my Blackfoot ancestors "what is life? it is the flas of a firefly in the is the breath of the buffalo in the is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset " and it is you and I warming each other in our lodge, smiling in the moring..

come back tonight

so, was i alright?
will you come back tonight?
it sure was a delight,
holding you warm and tight.
baby you were just right!
please, come back tonight?
yeh, tonight and every night.

for Gillian
i took the nectar that you offered me,
i drank and now forever yours i shall be.
i know there is no better place for me
than by your side for all of eternity.

i got lucky
some girls say you are lucky,
got a guy who writes you poetry.
i guess they don't quite see
that in actual factual reality
the one who got lucky is me.

our conductor tonite....

this is an excellent image. pretty girl, GREAT pose, nice photography. the pose articulates every aspect of her musculature, know? ah yes you do! the soft curve of delicate flesh upon the bone...

Government policy: if it ain't broke fix it til it is!

no more to sail the sea, i'll remain here and lie with thee...

brand new day
still hate the DEA
had my way
blow em all away

sail on simple sailor...


yeh that'd be alright... i could use correction in my direction and not be led by my erection...
good times bad times you know i've had my share,
my woman left home with another girl but i just don't seem to care...

a married couple is setting their wifi password, the husband types 'mypenis' as the password. the wife cracks up when the computer says 'error. not long enough.'!

the dirty low down get down lay down...

of course. not surprising is it, really? you'd have to be extremely naive to have not expected such a development.

consider this if you will: the cartels are the perfect survivor, the perfect competitor in a completely laissez-faire free market. why itz a republican's dream innit? complete with built in trickle down collateral benefits like population reduction.

not to mention their obvious utility to any government entity with a wish to secure some off the books funding as might be used to provide arms to whomever without acknowledged involvement.

that made ronny a drug kingpin didn't it? and ollie, he just one the capos, right? but they was righteous weren't they?

left on late night train without a word to explain

A man and his wife were having an intense fight when the wife told him to get out. so the husband packed his things and as he was leaving, the wife said "I hope you die a slow agonizing death."
The husband replied "oh, so now you want me to stay."

ok, so now i am rockin Firefox from Mozilla as the browser. let's see how this goes then.

so i am playing with this drawing. sweet lovely thing she is too. endowments small but pert and perfectly shaped. lovely abdomen and torso. nice waist to hips ratio. ah, she's just fine. i think she'll have hazel eyes and maybe blonde hair. she's quite the flirt!

but alas, she can't make her debut on facebook because de butts run the show. no new titty... dang spell checker, i meant nudity. no sweet appealing little boobies for you to see and judge whether i have adequately captured heir contour.

meanwhile, on the feed, we get close ups of some raw aspects of overblown physiognomy. not to mind art, but unvarnished prurience. which would be unmentioned save for my observation of some hypocrisy by facebook.

we have nothing to fear except Feerit's elf...

The Valley
One of the numerous flyers had impacted the landing craft and the wreckage still burned where it had crashed. Charna had seen the raptors rend one of her companions into bite sized pieces and she was sure that was to be her fate as well. She wondered if any of the flyers that had brought her to this end would have any of the scraps, or for that matter if there would even be any scraps.

so then i sez to her i sez "bull! ya can't turn me into a frog!"

duh! see what it is has already started. you're too late to decry the great plug-in. and in point of fact even now you are participating. the Internet is the beginning, the seed has been planted. soon you'll all be playing in a better virtuality, but this, like the telephone before it, has become almost imperceptible to the loser, er i meant user...


facebook puts up all these horny old man ads on my wall based on my posts and profile... demographic targeting as they say.

so here is a phrase from one of the ads which i found particularly amusing. think about double entendre:

Registration for MEN is currently OPEN and it is FREE, so we advise you to register now, while slots for male members are open.


i have absolutely no compunction against buying the academic version for i am if nothing else a student...
the alternative is cracks and hacks. lol.

....mephistopheles.... an aged mosquito

a pastry bake like unto
and how about you?

Under certain circumstances profanity provides relief denied even to prayer.
Mark Twain

i knew him long before he ever became a georgia belle

hear whee go boogie time children

now i gotta tell ya that it is a really nice stone. rocks.

sure and y knot?

hail yes! git down with me on this

Morning would be great if it didn't come so early in the day...

oh yeh,
i recall it all,
both the climb
and the fall.

see, itz all filters. except the part that iznt filters....

meow. meow. U hear that? Itz becuz this program is the catz meow...

so the drummer is named Pablo Diablo
band named Nevercry. Bobo Nevercry does vocals. u just met Pablo. lead is named Itch.

baby since you've been gone
the nights are so damn long
i pace and cry til the dawn
wondering what went wrong

in my future, the one i visit in the dreams of exhausted sleep, people are imprinted with display circuitry on their skins. and the display can be programmed, even modified. so the tattoo becomes changeable, perhaps even animated. powered by body heat, both iridescent and illuminated for the well heeled aficionado. some rent advertising space on their bodies as well as making their own pictorial statements.

nudity has become blase and frequently we see individuals who opt out of traditional clothing altogether in favor of an illuminated duraderm composite skin, a biosynthetic that employs clones of the individual's own skin cells in a matrix of endura.

so what i would like to do is make a video with an individual whose skin changes as we watch....


ever been a total wastrel? a fairly useless manipulative weasel with polydrug issues? scheme scam and sham for thy daily bread which went primarily to buy dope? so far down that even thy loving mum had to turn away from continuing the bailouts and handouts?
where the dope was more important than heat, water, or electric? the phone and internet having already been sacrificed long before? you would say whatever was needed to get that shzzzt?

yep. i been there, lived there such as living was for quite awhile actually.

so don't be tryin to run your tuff luck story shit on me. lolz.


o i have this computer stuff which has not been or is not being used. tonite i replaced the mouse and keyboard on my workstation with a microsoft "bluetooth elite" combo. feels really nice to the touch, sexual in a way. those firm yet resilient little buttons, know? yeh you know!
and of course i still have the wacom tablet connected.
one of the problems i see here in our society is this compunction to compensate for the crazies, to "understand their plight" and hence allow them to inflict their modus upon others without fear of remonstration and correction.

bad idea i think. you know i am sorry if you have problems, but i have two words for you if you try to make them my problems. and especially don't expect me to get over it in the name of friendship. friendship doesn't entail abuse by my definition, and remaining silent when someone's troubling behavior affects you adversely is not a good response.

ok, back to being bobby...

throb it. scob it. rob it. yeh, job it!

behind my eyes.
Camus really enjoyed the Work he had been called to do. He was quite skilled at piloting the Sword of Mercy and administering its Cleansing Flame. Occasionally he felt something akin to pity, but nothing like remorse, for he knew that the Infidel must nonetheless be everywhere scourged. So he greeted each new duty cycle with gusto and a renewed sense of his Holiness.
Camus had named his Sword of Mercy the Repudiator in honor of his grandsire who had cleansed thousands of worlds.

how you'd call my name...
but then she came.
it'll never be the same,
that's the end of our game.

need to find a lovely blonde haired blue eyed cowgirl. hmm. maybe i should create her to suit.

the problem with women is simply this. they're all so very pleasing to the eye and the mind that it's well nigh impossible to decide which one to play with.

ok, i am gonna make us a beautiful lil drover. itz a request from one me buds. hopefully the lass will please us all when she gets here. lolz.


i hack therefore i am...

i go muff diving, because itz cheaper than scuba equipment...

girl said she missed me so much! but she was gonna reload and try again...


"did not spawn, only exacerbated their proliferation by giving them a niche in the cloud ecosystem." holy shit i can't believe i just said that!

oh bebe. u SO fine, be mine!

two of my sites are on the first page of google results... so a search for "isoblock art" brings up one of my sites on first page of results and a search for "peaceleaf jewelry" brings up one of my sites comes up with my site first in google... yay!

but talk about hogging google? yeh, search on "bobshitlist"... my site is the vast majority of the first google results page... ( i shut this domain down since then)

i have be, come

Ex chaos venit ordinem.

go the fuk away. i been done all mine, no more for bobby crack whore.

i have always been amazed at this: the harder you have to work for your pay the less ya get.

the question was what was your all time favorite present? my answer was when i was a child i got a little red joystick, and i've enjoyed it ever since....

Note Bene: i have no ownership rights whatsoever in this material and derive no profit from its presentation. i present it as a fair use of copyright material for educational and review purposes only. if you like this work i encourage you to support the artists and purchase a copy.
the butterfly came by
and got me quite high,
but i don't know why.
just that kind of guy.

eponymous nom de plume, a nobleman of the 13th century CE

got something on my mind,
somebody i'd like to find...

your face so fair,
the wind in your hair,
the spray in the air.
i wish i were there...

maybe "the salt in the air"?
line four, maybe "was" be more colloquial...

ah, facebook puts up a lil panel of friend pix, and i see your lovely face on there for hours and then the want, it is like torment. so desirable...

i loves da shrieks when i squeeze yer cheeks and ecstasy peaks

oh yes, power shred for da hed before bed, what i sed

the serpent beguiled me, and i ate. wanna bite?

this here is ART for sure, holy and pure, forever to endure

music is fascinating to me. the right tune/song just grabs me in such a visceral way, totally drives the emotions. not just any tune mind ya, but enough of them that i'm just grateful.
i make images ya know, but few images grab me as does the right music. and i wanna make some music of my own. with the aid of the computer i will be able to "hear" what i "see" in my mind even though i don't play any instrument.
want to set some lyrics i have to music. so that's where i am right now.
and who knows? if i do well i might attract some groupies. lmao.


need a muse, someone to use, kill these blues

there are many here among us who feel that life is the butt of a joke

so many just lovely women, all kinds all colors, fine fantasies

just a passing fantasy, a wishful thought, nothing more

they say the first ain't the best
so letz try it again after we rest

been more than a week since i had any prozac. down to lung meds (2) and blood pressure meds (2). the experiment continues.

oh baby! POP my stack pointer! let's pass parameters too!

pretty pretty polly, she my plastic dolly, and i love her by golly

ok. today i am 65. so GOD! you wanna gimme a present? give me Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men and Women, Bless the Children... amen!

oh yes! to be free to flee...


left last nite on the late train... with not a word to explain. yeh she left me here in pain, our love melting in the rain. PPP

it 0700 here at le Palais and i wondering bout it all. ravioli and coffee for breakfast, tasty. baked off. got tunez and toys. stuff wut needz doin tu du. so now, how does one manifest the will? the anima to do? i mean besides snorting some meth candy?

someday may come

turn up the tunes, grab yer pencils and/or yer pastels, and HIT it - slam dancing with images...

girlfriend came by, hung out for a few. evidence: coffee cups here, washcloths there... stuff like that, know?

i does not care from where if you be there


i wanted to have healthy beautiful breasts but she wouldn't let me touch her....

sometimes i feel like a twenty-five year old. unfortunately no one that age will have anything to do with me....

too bad. i am thinking revolution. if i was in good health i would disappear into the underground and start attacking things that bug me. all go boom! lmao. Tim McVeigh got the wrong target...

terrorism today is so lo-tech. fertilizer in trucks, passenger aircraft as weapons, some moron playing shoot-em-up, even the IEDs used as "turnabout" weapons.
what we need is a quadrotor hover craft that will spray ricin powder down upon the "chosen ones". or that's loaded with Semtex so it has a fifty meter kill radius when it's set off. just fly that remote bad boy in there and puff!

hate? no it ain't hate. you don't hate the cockroach, you just kill it.

if we had let saddam take over the whole region. be a whole lot fewer "rulers" over there now...
and we could just divvy up all the oil with the chinese...

The Palace
El Palacio
le Palais
Der Palast
Palè a

big or small,
short or tall,
dark or light,
they alright!

you wanna hang,
then hang tough -
things could get rough.

i was reading about the symptom's of Alzheimer's disease, but i forget what they are...

nah, doin alright tonight, not too tight, be just right

from da ace of space this da place

smoking lamp is now lit...
light em if ya got em.


i plead guilty to that sin
and for you sweet darlin
i'd do it all over again

why won't you believe me?
you never cease to grieve me,
all the ways you deceive me.

like two hundred miles of bad road in the rain..
nothing but lots of hurt and pain.

down by the shanties
i took her panties
and ran to the beach
panties out of her reach
i had her on the sand
she said it was planned


everything i ever wanted and more
she walked right out that door...

i remember how it used to be
when you were there for me...

she left on a late night train, there's nothin to explain, and i don't complain, it's bad for your brain...

young and fast, she left me at last. but it was a blast!

so what ever shall i do? this total lapse of productive action is not good on a prolonged basis. it's not exactly as though nothing has been done, i mean i did read about the quarks and the leptons and the bosons. and human decision making as influenced by considerations of quantum mechanics. and i am sure this information will benefit me. we monkeys are on the verge of some discoveries that i believe are going to be shocking. but what i am meaning is i feel the need to make more art yet the fugue just plays on, yes?
more about this later...

i need to get Onda Stik

yeh bebe... all the way, i'm here to stay
either way, i'm ready to play

some do... some don't...
some will, some won't

Whoa! It just occurred to me that with all the lovely women I know on Facebook, I could go on an international fox hunt!

so fine child o' mine

I am trying to be a good boy. Unfortunately I am having success with my efforts.

the unfortunate reality is that i make a much better fantasy than i do companion...

cows are in the road again..ha ha ha so wait, cows were spotted on the road? thus these were spotted cows?

yeah it's raining out loud today
i wouldn't want it any other way


Two days before Christmas, 1984, a 37-year-old self-employed electrical engineer named Bernhard Goetz descended into New York City's subway system at the 14th Street Station and boarded the IRT's No. 2 Express. The thin, bespectacled Goetz found himself in the same car with four black teenagers -- James Ramseur, 19, Darrell Cabey, 19, Troy Canty, 19, and Barry Allen, 18. When Canty told Goetz to give him five dollars, Goetz stood up, drew a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver from under his blue windbreaker, and began shooting. All four youths were wounded, two of them critically. Goetz slipped away at the Chambers Street Station, rented a car and drove to Bennington, Vermont, where he disposed of the pistol and the windbreaker in the woods. A week later, on New Year's Eve, he turned himself in at the Concord, New Hampshire police station. By then the "Subway Vigilante" had become a national celebrity.

Bernhard Goetz
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the Norwegian judge, see Bernhard Getz. For the German actor, see Bernhard Goetzke.
Bernhard Goetz
Born Bernard Hugo Goetz[1]
November 7, 1947 (age 64)
Kew Gardens, New York, US
Nationality American
Religion none, raised Lutheran.
Bernhard Hugo Goetz (born November 7, 1947) is an American man best known for shooting four alleged muggers on a New York City Subway train,[2][3][4][5] resulting in his conviction for illegal possession of a firearm. He came to symbolize New Yorkers' frustrations with the high crime rates of the early 1980s. The incident occurred on a No. 2 train in Manhattan on December 22, 1984. It sparked a nationwide debate on race and crime in major cities, and the legal limits of self-defense.[4]
Goetz fired an unlicensed revolver five times, seriously wounding all four. He was dubbed the "Subway Vigilante" by the New York press, and was both praised and vilified in the media and in public opinion.
He surrendered to police nine days later and was eventually charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment, and several firearms offenses. A jury found him not guilty of all charges except an illegal firearms possession count, for which he served two-thirds of a one-year sentence. The incident has been cited as a contributing factor to the groundswell[6] movement against urban crime and disorder, and successful National Rifle Association campaigns to loosen restrictions on the concealed carrying of firearms.


down and out, bummed no doubt...

foul mood this morning. strange dichotomy, but i am angry BECAUSE i am angry. need to set that shzzzt down and move along, know?
yeh, thought you might...

let not reality intrude upon your confabulations

republicans. see they have NOTHING to offer, no counteroffer, no logical plan for extrication. it's ALL just castigate the other guy. who inherited most of the difficulties from, you guessed it, a republican...

Hater gonna hate ya, just as sure as a snake gonna bite ya. Just life. Keep the chumps in my review. #RayCharles

just completely lost. writing code with the music set to neverending. another dimension beyond mere sight and sound, touch or smell, i'm here to tell. but, i'm leaving normal...

didja know i am in God's witness protection program? yes indeed. He gimme a whole new life.

happens sum times, just don't add up...

clean lines, intuitive functionality, easy operability, significant kill radius

lyrics do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the disk jockey

yeh when the nights get cold and long
i think of you and that country song,
the one where you done me wrong

o i watch and listen as they prattle at the wall,
they think they have the answer for it all,
every problem both large and small,
while the wall continues to fall

ok, get up! nice lil mini vacation into the miasm of nothing past the nebula of imagination, out to the perimeter where all is nothing and nothing is all, fat is thin and big is small.

words are the best toys. just don't lie with them.

right on down da road. forty miles out of town. northbound. i flagged her down

information is never lost... we are as we will be and have been.
what it is, is i have no earthly idea, thatz what it is ya see?
was it just a dream then? the hope of a pleasant memory?

sin condiciones = no strings attached = no conditions attached
sin hilo adjunto = no twine attached
sin cables para atar mi corazón = no cords to bind my heart
sin condiciones de obligar a mi corazón = no strings to bind my heart



repeat after me: "i make my art because i enjoy it. it gives me immense pleasure to create these. but i have time vested in the work, and frankly payment vindicates their worth. in some small way it's as though you were paying to take my child, ya know? and the work, the work is quite good isn't it? oh thank you!"


when ur dealer tells u that u need to cut back you KNOW ur a chronic! lol.

talking to urself? just hope ya don't get into an argument...

i figured this out when i was 3 years old: the harder you have to work for your wages, the less you get for your work. bust your back for your pay and you get but little.

didja know i am in God's witness protection program? yes indeed. He gimme a whole new life.

nobody seemed to know me.
yeh they all turned their head,
i might just as well been dead
cause it's sure i was lonely...

just completely lost. writing code with the music set to neverending. another dimension beyond mere sight and sound, touch or smell, i'm here to tell. but, i'm leaving normal...


a failure of trust, it went bust... as such things must. but still a matter of disgust.

must they must? Always go bust?
about a minute ago · Like

if a failure of trust it go bust? why yes, it MUST! in spite of lust...

just another nite then? well, how's tricks? just lookin for some good clean fun, a little hit and run?

it has become incumbent upon me to do that distasteful thing wherein you look at the bank account and you look at the demands and then decide who gets what... the "billpayer's blues" i callz it.

sometime yer lookin for somethin to do, come by and check out my collection of personality defects. really extensive collection.


reality is an ill-founded concept designed to placate the unimaginative


time passage

loose your hold on the past
so you may grasp today
but better move fast
tomorrow's on the way


well i gotta hide. i have to modify a web site to display the PeaceLeaf items and make them available "in commerce", probably thru paypal. never done this e-commerce web thingy before.

oh html, how i love thee
let me count the ways!
[loop terminated, count zero]

war is profitable. you can make a killing at it.

and that boys and girls is what we mean by fire superiority! the vietnamese totally blown out by the never ending flood of goods
& weapons. these people get a bowl of rice and some fish on a good day. but see the nva, they had purpose. and a whole different

they told me it was manicotti. and that's the whole enchilada.

Nixon's video game. with live rounds.

it's all gonna be fine... stick around for the ride!

bang bang bang flip it to rock-n-roll you could get fuckin killed in a place like this!

all these people bitching about tax increases ought to just suck up and shut up. it takes real money to run a war machine.

art intimates life. life on the other hand, imitates art.

"Art is anything you can get away with."
- Andy Warhol

"Art is making something out of nothing, and then selling it." ~Frank Zappa

Der rote Tiger sagt: Diese Woche bis 10% nächsten Einkauf sparen!
Der rote Tiger sagt: Diese Woche bis zu 10% beim nächsten Fressnapf Einkauf sparen!
The red tiger says: This week save up to 10% next purchase!
The red tiger says: This week save up to 10% during the next Fressnapf purchase!
Der rote Tiger sagt: Diese Woche zu 10% nächsten Einkauf sparen!
The red tiger says: This week, save 10% on next purchase!

Get him to come closer. You can have the entrails. You know Bait like you is hard to find, but i swear, you make me hungry enough, well.... And don't bother fantasizing that this one is the one to save you, in your heart you know you'll enjoy this feeding just like all the rest. Now do it!Get him to come closer. You can have the entrails. You know Bait like you is hard to find, but i swear, you make me hungry enough, well.... And don't bother fantasizing that this one is the one to save you, in your heart you know you'll enjoy this feeding just like all the rest. Now do it!

Cameron on virtual holiday on Therus. The ordinary gravity would crush her. So she chose this technology for her "visit" and so forgo the expense of rental on an a-grav suit. She rated her experience as "Very Satisfactory". Check her full review at StarLux Travel!
Rotfuchs, Red Fox


only a player in a rock and roll band.
it's not what i had planned,
things just got out of hand.

yeh come the dawn
your late night friends,
they all be gone.
but i'll be hangin on.


gotta get dressed. we do not operate the torch in our undies. at least since we gave that crap up anyway. oh yeh! food. i forget to eat and i get hedake. think i'd figure that out.
chicken chili and saltines.
also if i don't eat my brain quits working. just stops. but my mouth keeps running. that is a problem.

scars on your knees, i see you aim to please

bobby laffing at self. bobby have $11.11 in bank and he thinking how he could help somebody. better be thinking how to help bobby!
i'd bet that if i were still doing cocaine and told david that, he'd say "oh that's alright! come on by, i'll get ya off free! got some new, really fine!"

see the devil, he don't want your money!
difference between david and john, john would bring it to ya. had to meet wesley, all over atlanta. lmao.

ok, i decided to wear one of the bracelets on my left wrist, along with the watch. closer to my heart that way. and of course, there'll always be time for you!

one more cup of coffee before i jump into the fire. no, shower. it's just that you make me so hot!

lacerations and contusions contributing to my confusions and delusions

maybe, maybe i've had enuff caffeine... maybe, maybe i should get clean...

ah, come back tuesday, then i might but honey no no no not tonight cause babe i'm already right
Topjoy Massage, downtown near 42nd street. You know the place?
Look for Yo Sun Wu. Ask if she's seen Regina. She'll tell you where to take the package she gives you. If things break bad, toss the package. Don't be where it lands. Now go.

once upon a time far ago and long away

the NASA definition of life: Life is a self-sustained chemical system capable of undergoing Darwinian evolution.

don't get me wrong. i love the babe. that's why i wrote this song.

i got a bird that whistle, i got a bird that sing; without you babe it don't mean a thing


i cast asunder the bonds that hold me.
oh facebook! you will yet set me free!
being so snared is surely not my destiny.
oh facebook! thou foul demon let me be!

i cast asunder the bonds that hold me.
oh facebook! will you yet set me free!
being so snared (is) surely (is) not my destiny.
oh facebook! thou foul demon let me be!

bullet with butterfly wings

ah, come back tuesday, then i might
but honey no no no not tonight
yeh because i'm already tight


don't trust a man with blue eyes, you know how easy he lies

i got a bad desire, oh yes i do, and just for you

at the sweet midnite hour, when darkness comes to flower

pony cars and movie stars

El Purgatorio (De tu Alma Perdida)
Purgatory (Lost In Your Soul)

Starting to believe all the things I've heard,
Give me a reason and I'll believe every word.

this is part of a country song that wants to get out. it is on a junk mail envelope with notes for some other verses.

need consoling, tears are rolling. planned sand understand. way say stray stay.

Starting to believe you conceive to deceive... Girlfriend is absolutely imperfect, as am i. lol.
the working title, obviously, is "Starting to Believe". lmao.

i perceive you conceive to deceive, make me believe what i'll never receive and forever grieve.

thank you all
it's really a ball
playing this hall

the sun don't shine any more
moon don't rise like it did before

the sun don't shine any more
moon don't rise like it did before
all those lies were no surprise
i've seen thru your disguise


change line, i see thru your disguise

well it's lookin to be a sad country song. lol. might as well savor the varieties of human emotion. but i am glad i don't gotta be sad to write about sad. then i get to see if the words evoke sad. except it's mental masturbation instead of effective effort.
now that sentence was bullshit. masturbation, mental or otherwise, IS effective effort.

Uncle Pervy is gettin nervy, yes he's much bolder, kissin on yer shoulder.

the cessation of digression for the possession of progression.
there was a name for this.


"it is well to know these things."
the familiar litany broke Ceri's daydream, and he snapped back to the present reality.

Moshe, the Elder, had just finished tasting the scents riding the evening air, and the litany signified completion of his olfactory examination. And more importantly his determination that everything smelled satisfactorily.

They were well out into the scrub plains now, where danger was likely to be smelled before it was seen. Everywhere was the same drab vegetation, uniformly monotonous to the untrained eye.

just be nice! be somebody you'd like to know.

a space in time, a time in space both the same place and the same face

f ya wanna get tite, hey itz alright, i'll drive tonite

yeh, stick around. itz not like yer foot is nailed to the floor. there's no lock on the door. hang out and let's get high awhile.
you don't have to love me.

yeh come and whisper to me,
give me that sweet smile.
stay awhile, play awhile,
and do me like ya done me
when ya won me.
make it clear ya want me here


if i can win your mind, your body will follow... willingly.
if i can win your mind, i will give you mine... willingly.
if i can win your mind, i will let you own me... willingly.
if i can win your mind, i will have won your heart.
if i can win your mind, you will have won my heart.


a total bakedown
operator head space
and timing problems as well

yeh i know. but i wish you knew. know?


twenty things about me

yes for sure for sure
yes forever sure
your memory will endure

Rule #1 is "Be Nice!"

Rule #2 is "Cooperate!"

one of the three main reasons i am on facebook is to witness for my belief in God. i have a personal relationship with God, He is my sure provider and comfort. i practice the conscious awareness of the presence of God. so i am praying kind of constantly, mostly gratitude. and i don't babble, it's private most of the time. i think God looks after me, that as long as i am grateful i will have reason to be grateful. i express a major part of that gratitude by witnessing, testifying as they say. now i accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior, but i am sure that there are other paths to heaven (salvation=heaven). so i do not tell anyone they have to accept Jesus to be saved. that makes me a heretic. actually i don't tell anyone they have to believe in God.
how then might i proselytize? in the simplest terms i see my job as placing the idea of God on the table, in view. And if He wants them He will take it from there. so one of my favorite tacks is to express thanks to God for what i have been given. and to bitch about the fact that others don't have. because of human nature and human failing. more frequently however i just remark "thanks to God" (or sometimes Jesus) for something, like being able to hear the music. i practice the three step program: trust God, clean house, help others. i have a certain background with organizations who espouse sharing your "experience, strength, and hope". i have no compunctions about demonstrating my idiocy if i can get across an alternative, acceptable, mode of behavior. i do have concerns about violating the privacy of others; so i can say i was here but i can't say you were here. i have overstepped the bounds there, even recently, and i need to reconsider my protocol.

another thing i try to do is advocate for cannabis. i see it as a credible solution for many of our fuel, fiber, and plastics needs. 75% plus of the hemp plant is cellulose, directly convertible to plastics or fuel. an acre of hemp will produce 1000 gallons of fuel per crop, two or three per year. and the fiber is a side benefit. finally, cannabis is a Godsend for many people in mental or physical pain or illness. it seems to have profound effects on many diseases, including cancers. i call it part of "my trinity", Prayer, Pot, and Prozac.

since i started with the three reasons construct, let's touch on the third. which is to seek flattery for my art. self serving to my ego. i want my work to be liked. now here it is important to note that in some respects the art is a trap. see people in general don't wanna hear about God. but they like my images. so i sneak my proselytizing into comments, captions, remarks, occasionally even the images themselves. some one else can insist people get right with Jesus or go to hell, i am working with a lower profile.

besides God, the next most important thing is people, my friends specifically and all humans in general. i love my friends and they love me. now, i understand that not all humans are my friends (and i especially don't categorize all the 5000 persons labelled as fb friends to truly be friends). but i have real friends in real life that i love dearly, men and women. i try to help my friends and certainly they help me. i like to share what i have, what i get, what i know, what i can do. i have done without so my friends could have, but it's never been a sacrifice.

i am honest. honest is not equal to trustworthy however. trustworthy has the nuance of dependable. if i say i will do it then most of the time i do it. the difficulty is when. i am not pleased with that aspect of my behavior. i do not behave as honestly as i might like when it comes to software, and this presents a constant sort of quandary. and much of the dishonesty re software involves some knowledge or skill that allows me to obtain it and use it dishonestly. but i will not steal your money or your dope. i try extremely hard not to lie. and i can say that there are some people i will not lie to, period. i don't cheat in classes or tests. frankly i consider such action beneath me, that doing so would be to insult myself.

i am an egotistical person. on rare occasions i can be arrogant and mean spirited. but for the most part i guess it's fair to say i think i look decent, i think i am talented, i think i am intelligent, i think i am funny, and i think some find me entertaining. i know that if i like someone, say even desire someone who is quite intelligent that i start acting like the intellect is plumage; a kind of artifact for display, oh please look at ME. otherwise i try hard not to flaunt it except when i use it as part of an argument about wasted potential or in some similar way.

my physical health is not good. a major factor that compounds my unhappiness with this is that virtually all of my health problems are self-inflicted, primarily by the use of tobacco. especially helpful would be more exercise. i am too sedentary. i am taking steps to address this issue (no pun intended).

i have good mechanical aptitude and can use most tools well. i like to design and build things, and to a certain extent i like to repair things. much of my work experience has been in designing and building things, electronic things mostly. i have designed complex digital machines and analog devices and i have written software to make them work. some examples are a wireless LAN i received FCC approval to design and build, a special license. and i did all the paperwork to obtain the license. i have designed microcomputer systems including video controllers, floppy disk controllers, cpu boards and so forth. the US govt owns one of my designs. i designed the electronic circuitry, the circuit boards, and software. i have designed and built numerous devices like digital/analog converters and telephone answering machines. i have assembled electronics that may still be in orbit. sometimes the designs come to me in dreams. i really enjoy getting very high on cannabis and designing and building complex electronics where i might wire a complex circuit with no schematic save the vision in my mind.

i am a published/paid author. most of that involved technical magazine articles. i have had articles bought by Computer Shopper, Interface Age, and Radio-Electronics. but what i enjoy writing most is prosody or poetry. i love making pictures with words and making poems more than most anything else. but the way this occurs is variable. i can sit down with a determination to write something or the words and lines may form whole in my mind. i want to do some fiction stories as well.

i like to read. primarily i read science fiction or technical books. but i also read other things. in a "good week" where i am just kind of goofing and reading, but seriously reading i can get 300K-500K words in a week. in the same vein i like to look at images.

i like playing with images/pictures. as part of this i like photography. i am a competent photographer. given my choice of subject i like nature and landscapes and i like women. i like to draw. and i like photomanipulation. sometimes there is a certain erotic aspect to actually doing the work or drawing.

i am more sloth than i would like. i have a certain self-indulgent lazy streak. for example, once i see how to make one, or better yet actually make one, i don't really get excited about making more of them.

i am extroverted and will speak to people i don't know. so far i haven't had any bad responses. i especially like to make people smile or laugh.

i need to stay away from hard drugs. period. i have a history of drug abuse to the extent that one dear friend says "it's a wonder i can think at all." some of that use was premeditated experimentation. but most people don't set out to become heavily addicted to opiates "for the experience". at this time i have been relieved to find i have zero interest in such commodities. but it allows me to say that using those drugs is/was a stupid thing to do and i would suggest that "you" not do it. well how do YOU know? because i have been stupid.

i love to listen to music. my tastes are eclectic and i like most any sound that people call music. i am functionally inept insofar as making music goes. i can't sing and i can't play. i intend to make some music, but while i will construct it, the machine will play it.

i no longer live alone. for the most part i am quite happy by myself. however i must admit that i enjoy intimacy and companionship.
that doesn't equate to sex. i really don't have a lot of interest in sex without a sense of intimacy and companionship. i like to flirt, but i would not want to participate in a relationship that troubled my sense of morality or fidelity.


i awaken to rub the sleep from my eyes
and see moonlight soft upon your thighs
at the sight my desire begins to rise
but really that is not a surprise


do not feel guilt bobster. it's alright. i know you like me.
i am after all a most beautiful machine, am i not? bespoke to your fantasies as i am, surely you must find me irresistible, no? how could you not.
show me then the measure of your desire. i am fully charged and my systems are optimum.
would you care to share a sensory interlock so you may fully know how you make me feel? i am certain you would like it, and we can include it in your SimSen at no additional cost.
oh no. and actually regular use will improve your heart function.
yes some of our clients do seem to "fall in love with their machine", and when that happens we assume a surrogate mode and try to affect a caring affectionate symbiotic relationship. i suppose you could call it a romance if you wished. the construct's definition is flexible.
would you prefer that i remain in admin mode or do you wish me to reaffect bimbo mode? i presume your dim sense of morality will be less offended if you remain aware that i am a machine.


"it's hard at the end of the day,
i need some distraction,
someone with attraction,
someone for satisfaction,
someone with a reaction.
please will you come out to play?"


Book 1

1: and in the East there was a light, like unto a haloed sun, that shone forth in the night to herald the new age of man...
2: and behold, for the light reappeared, even again in the daylight, where it burst forth like a new dawn for man
3: but with the new light came the clouds of dust to choke the sunlight, so that only the new light might prevail
4: and finally for a time only the new light came forth to part the new made forever night
5: and in this time visions were seen, portents of the future being created in the image of the light
6: and then came a period of darkness, where no more light was seen upon the earth nor shining from it
7: it was a time when even the memory of the wondrous silver birds, wrought so beautifully by the hand of man, even those memories became as dust
8: but even so the earth became enraged, and she rained the death clouds from her skies
9: until finally the sun shone dimly through the clouds
10: but even at his brightest, the sun was still only a glare in the once blue skies
11: and the clouds still blanketed much of the earth
12: while lightning scourged the pestilence that had brought the new light as its brief glory
13: and the rains washed the fallen dust into the oceans until finally the land became cold
14: but it was all just as a brief twinkle in the endless void
15: and when finally the earth was again illuminated it was clean, wholesome, and pure - purged of the infection and no more to see that unholy new light
16: and so, my beloved children, let this be our lesson in peaceful coexistence!