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Hello, and welcome to my website!

Thanks for taking a look around. If you like the way this website works and how it looks perhaps I could set up a similar site for you, or use these techniques and others to construct a custom site for you. Here below is some information about what we offer.

I am very interested in long term contract or permanent employment doing "remote" web design or support. Contact me by E-mail.

Is customizing the website template (i.e. setting up a website) available as a service?

A free download archive of the website template files is available on Github. The archive includes all the HTML, CSS, and javascript files. If you like this website the download will provide templates and tools with some instructional material to let you roll your own rendition.

If instead of using the resources provided to construct your own website you would prefer to have us set up a website for you, the details for this service are not complex. The simplest approach is for a client to provide the contents for the menu, a sitename, a couple of small logo images, perhaps some text page content, and one or more galleries of (full size) images. Our base charge for a website setup with one menu page of text content (supplied as Word or RTF format text) up to 400 lines of text is $60. Our additional charge to add the setup of one image gallery with up to 300 images (1440x1440 pixel JPG files) is $45 USD, and each additional 300 image gallery beyond that adds a charge of $30.

Are we available for freelance work?

We are available for freelance work. The hourly rate for this work is $48 USD. For projects with a value of less that $400 we require payment in full up front, while for projects with a greater value, we require 50% of the project fee up front and the remaining 50% once the work has been completed and a live demo provided.

If you wish to get a quotation for a freelance project, send all of your project details in a reply email. We will review your requirements and get back to you with a price and time frame.

Will we customize a template/design to suit your specific needs?

We provide a customization service to our buyers/clients. This service is charged at an hourly rate of $48 USD and generally requires payment in full before work begins.

Is an exclusive license available for our templates/designs?

If you would like to obtain an exclusive usage license we are open to discussion providing it complies with any previous exclusive license agreements and that it complies with any previous shareware or open source distributions.

Do our designs work on Android phones & tablets and iPhones & iPads?

Yes our designs are tested to work on Android phones & tablets and iPhones & iPads; as well as on most modern laptop and desktop browsers.

Contact Information

If you want to discuss a project, you can email me here.

mail Bob Wright.