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From Bad To Verse

Another collection of Prosody/Poetry

Floaters and Sinkers, or An Ode to Politicians

Some are floaters,
Some are sinkers.
Some are smelly,
Some are stinkers!

don't get caught

here is exactly what i been taught
justice ain't cheap, but it can be bought
and it ain't a crime if you don't get caught
that's the freedom the yahoos all sought
but it ain't all turning out like it ought
and that pretty much sums my passing thought

Ode for Donald Trump

well the science boys from every clime,
yeh they all pitched in with overtime.

the evidence was indeed conclusive,
donald trump is most certainly abusive.

hard to believe he could make such a climb
being covered as he is in feces and slime.

but i don't think his campaign will end well,
in fact i suspect someone will blow him to hell.

and while such nasty violence would be a crime,
his speech seems to invite it time after time.

if that happens well i will really be quite sad,
for sure it'd make me less than glad;
but i see the whole damn country has gone mad.

Haiku you do

Haiku do you do?
Five, seven, and five
Syllables will do.

We try in that form
To get across a feeling
Of some emotion revealing...

through fire for you

I said it and it'll always be true -
Yeh I'd walk through fire for you,
Baby I'll do anything you ask me too,
And for you I'll be glad to do it too.

a bad road in the pouring rain

well i got my green, i got my grain,
don't do nothing to kill this old pain.
nothing you can say will ever explain,
you're a bad road in the pouring rain,
one i driven down again and again.

down by the creek

down by the creek,
my knees got weak.
i wanted to speak,
but being too meek,
i could only squeak.
then she said geek -
get on down the creek!

lips and hips, lover's trips

I adore you like the moon and the stars,
the sun and the sky.
Forever and ever my sweet baby dear,
always just you and I.

the taste

I love the taste of your charming kiss,
the way you use your lips.
And wow baby i really gotta say this,
love how you move your hips!

all i really

Baby all I ever really wanna do
Is make the sweetest love to you,
And with everything I say and do,
It's only for you I'm gonna be true.

awesome love

i got me a truly awesome love,
baby was sent by heaven above!
i count my blessings every day,
and for her in gratitude i pray.
i am such a blessed lucky boy,
she brings me some of heaven's joy!

green eyed girl

in all of this Great God A'mighty world,
nothin' i love more'n my green eyed girl!
yeh how i love my sweet darlin' baby G,
ain't no other girl anywhere i rather see.
my green eyed girl is the only one for me!

first time

the first time i kissed you
yeh that is when i knew
no other lover would ever do
and baby i love you true
oh yes sweet Lord i do

i've never-----------------

i've never loved anyone like i love you,
you may have heard it before too,
but baby i swear to you it is true.
being with you i never feel blue,
there's nothing for you i wouldn't do.
i've never loved anyone like i love you!


sometimes i wonder, do you ever think of me?
do you think of me and the way it used to be,
before the crash and burn when you went free?

in days so long ago and past
we built a love that would last,
before our love died and passed.

sweet baby the future ain't what it used to be,
yeh before you had to run away from me.
can you tell me, what was it made you flee?

can you hear me call your name?
you know i'll never be the same,
you're the only one ever lit my flame.

ps. yeh, itz a country tune....

Hot Wired

baby you know that i've got your line -
i have your number and you have mine,
please give me a call, that would be fine.
so dial the number, let's use that wire,
you know we both have that desire,
yeh let's set this connection on fire!

Golden Apples

Don't be tempted by the shining apple of gold,
It isn't very warm, neither to have nor to hold,
And it will never protect you from that bitter cold
You'll feel if your soul has been bought and sold.

my love

yes the first time ever that i lay with you
made me want forever to stay with you,
to play endless lovers games with you,
to spend all of eternity's time with you.
no one else could ever love me like you.

downtown brown

oooh baby, hey baby didja go downtown?
and didja bring me some mexican brown?
you know i really like to have the china white,
but baby oooh baby the brown'd be alright.
baby you and me could run together all night
if you'll just do me good and treat me right.
so best go on take it out and throw it down,
cause honey, i know who you saw downtown.

Cold city's beast

Cold city's beast
rumbles in the East.
Stumbles. Falls, crawls.
Goetz up.
Beast rumbles in the East.
For youths bored, cold city's beast.
Four youths board city's cold beast.
Some trade to ply,
they have tools.
Drivers of the screw.
Four loosening dollars, true.
Some trade to ply,
a cheap peace. Of conversation for funds.
Easy mark.
Five dollars?
For each of you?
A cheap piece. For conservation of funds.
Conversation for fun.
Four each of you.
The iron dog barks, makes sparks.
Easy marks. True.
Four each of you,
shot through.
Goetz off.
For youths bored,
city's cold piece.

Easy to See

Oh yeah any fool can see, you could do better'n me.
Yeah it's easy to see, you're way to good for me.

But it's more than clear
When I hold you warm and near,
kiss your cheek and nuzzle your ear,
and whisper "I love you dear"

In the middle of the night
When you hold me warm and tight,
Sharing your earthly delight,
I know it's gonna be alright.

Oh yeah any fool could see, you got eyes for me.
Yeah it's plain to me, I'm the only one you see.

Copyright 2011 by bobby b. wright

winking eye

winking eye
soft lover's sigh, winking eye
    sweet lips
silk glove, soft winking eye, winked its eye
    lover's trips
soft like a sigh too shy, winked its eye
    lover's trips
soft like a sigh, never no til ya try
    smooth hips
    lover's trips
winked its eye, soft lover's thigh
smooth lipped love,
    before the sigh, winked its eye
    soft, like a sigh too shy, winked its eye
    lover's trips
soft love, never know til ya try, winked its eye
    smooth hips, lover's trips
before the sigh winked its eye
    sweet lips
winked its thigh before the sigh, sweet eye
    lover's trips
like a cry before the sigh, soft thigh
    lover's trips
soft, love, too shy to sigh, winked its eye
    smooth hips
    lover's trips
soft lover's thigh,
    soft silk glove never no til ya try
    before the sigh winked its eye
    lover's trips
soft lover's sigh, never know til ya try
    sweet lips, lover's trips

a computer wrote this one
(c) 1985 by Bobby B. Wright All Rights Reserved

In My Mystic Forest

In my mystic forest
With just me and Mary
Behind the locked door,
I squat on my haunches
And pull one toke more.

Sitting here in the dark
The only reality the floor,
Closed secure in this womb.
A construction of silence
And a darkened room.

Stoned solo late at night
High here in this half light,
And nobody with me any more.
Just my shadow on the floor
And it ain't the same as before.


i make you wet,
you make me sweat.
What are we gonna get?
The best thing yet!

torn up

i got it bad
you leave me sad,
like i've been had;
makes me damn mad!

if i tore out my heart
and threw it on the floor,
would you dance around it?
would you ask for more?

or would you turn
and walk out the door
like you have
a thousand times before?


(_!_) a regular ass
(__!__) a fat ass
(!) a tight ass
(_._) a flat ass
(_^_) a bubble ass
(_*_) a sore ass
(_!__) a lop-sided ass
{_!_} a swishy ass
(_o_) an ass that's been around
(_O_) an ass that's been around even more
(_x_) kiss my ass
(_X_) leave my ass alone
(_zzz_) a tired ass
(_o^o_) a wise ass
(_13_) an unlucky ass
(_) Money coming out of his ass
(_?_) Dumb Ass


on the sleazy side of town
looking for a fix to get down

english avenue in the bluff
that where i get my stuff

yeh the place is rough
but hey i am tough

got my needle got my spoon
be lookin for more very soon

they say you could die down here
but that's not somethin i fear

there ain't no doubt about it
i'm quite addicted to the shit

and it's easy to see
shit got its hooks in me

some haiku

hard to hack, haiku
Hard to hack, haiku.
Fitting some form ain't my norm,
Poetry by rule.

Haiku you do
Be provocative,
of feeling evocative,

some sweet sylph
Some sweet sylph strolling
such symmetric synthesis,
svelte synergism.

by the bottle bye
Drinking and dying
by the bottle by and by,
suicide on rye.

There are some women
There are some women,
take your soul if you let them;
best you forget them.

Just forget this fight
Just forget this fight,
smile and walk away from you;
wish I knew how to.

Bob Wright, 2012


the cessation of digression for the possession of progression.
there was a name for this.

"it is well to know these things."

the familiar litany broke Ceri's daydream, and he snapped back to the present reality.

Moshe, the Elder, had just finished tasting the scents riding the evening air, and the litany signified completion of his olfactory examination. And more importantly his determination that everything smelled satisfactorily.

They were well out into the scrub plains now, where danger was likely to be smelled before it was seen. Everywhere was the same drab vegetation, uniformly monotonous to the untrained eye.


Midnight sweat,
Soaking wet.
Worst one yet,
Can't forget.
Vietnam vet.