ArtSee Image Upload Page

This page will let you upload an image file using the ArtSee Image Viewer.

Uploaded images must be in the JPEG format with either a “jpg” or “jpeg” filetype (case insensitive) and have a valid filename of up to 255 characters. At this time filenames must contain ONLY the English alphabetic characters A through Z, a through z, and the digits 0 through 9. Nonalphanumeric or special characters are limited to spaces, underscores, dashes, or periods as normal filename use allows.

ArtSee does not share URLs for images located on other sites, and ArtSee will not get or “ harvest” content located on another site URL to share in your behalf; ArtSee will only share image files uploaded from your device. Image files are limited to 5 Megabytes (5 Megabytes = 5,242,880 Bytes) maximum filesize and all images must be at least 400 pixels but not more the 3600 pixels in both width and height. Note that ArtSee will remove all text content (eg EXIF data) that may be embedded within uploaded image files.

To upload image content on the ArtSee application site you must log in as a Facebook user and you must agree to the ArtSee “Terms of Service". After an image is successfully uploaded and processed, you will have the opportunity to share it to Facebook. You MUST share it at least once for the uploaded image to be saved in the ArtSee application.