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A Gallery of some of my Figure Drawings

This image gallery was made by the IsoBlock Gallery Builder shareware

These are digital images that I made recently. Some are scanned drawings originally done in traditional media, most are completely digital. Virtually all the image work was done in Adobe Photoshop CC.
All of these images have been reduced in size to minimize load times.

Click an image to see it full screen.

This file is named vivien_solari-peter_lindbergh-vogue_italia mod.jpg.
vivien_solari-peter_lindbergh-vogue_italia mod.jpg
This file is named Untitled-1.jpg.
This file is named tranquil.jpg.
 the lion tamer
This file is named the lion tamer.jpg.
the lion tamer.jpg
 the ruins of t
This file is named the ruins of tendency 3.jpg.
the ruins of tendency 3.jpg
This file is named tina teezer.jpg.
tina teezer.jpg
This file is named tongue.jpg.
This file is named Tarnish.jpg.
 The domed city
This file is named The domed city of Orbis.jpg.
The domed city of Orbis.jpg
This file is named swimsuit.jpg.
 standing male
This file is named standing male nude posterior.jpg.
standing male nude posterior.jpg
 standing on he
This file is named standing on her hands.jpg.
standing on her hands.jpg
 standing refer
This file is named standing reference of LucyLi 09 mod.jpg.
standing reference of LucyLi 09 mod.jpg
 super shower.j
This file is named super shower.jpg.
super shower.jpg
This file is named surly.jpg.
This file is named spidergirl.jpg.
 seatedNude b.j
This file is named seatedNude b.jpg.
seatedNude b.jpg
 solemn truth a
This file is named solemn truth a.jpg.
solemn truth a.jpg
This file is named michelle-lewin-yoga.jpg.
 Natalie Morris
This file is named Natalie Morris.jpg.
Natalie Morris.jpg
This file is named perspective.jpg.
 recharge cycle
This file is named recharge cycle 2.jpg.
recharge cycle 2.jpg
 ponder the won
This file is named ponder the wonder.jpg.
ponder the wonder.jpg
This file is named mechanoid.jpg.
 love in low gr
This file is named love in low gravity.jpg.
love in low gravity.jpg
 kicks2 censore
This file is named kicks2 censored.jpg.
kicks2 censored.jpg
 hero pose
This file is named hero pose a.jpg.
hero pose a.jpg
This file is named jammin.jpg.
 hero girl pose
This file is named hero girl pose skin.jpg.
hero girl pose skin.jpg
This file is named heat.jpg.
This file is named hatcher.jpg.
 day 1722 mod.j
This file is named day 1722 mod.jpg.
day 1722 mod.jpg
This file is named Earthlings.jpg.
This file is named fatman.jpg.
This file is named framework2.jpg.
This file is named chandra.jpg.
 charnal market
This file is named charnal market girl.jpg.
charnal market girl.jpg
 cowgirl in the
This file is named cowgirl in the sand day 1334 2.jpg.
cowgirl in the sand day 1334 2.jpg
 automatic tran
This file is named automatic transmission a.jpg.
automatic transmission a.jpg
 day 1440 mod.j
This file is named day 1440 mod.jpg.
day 1440 mod.jpg
 dancer whirlin
This file is named dancer whirling b.jpg.
dancer whirling b.jpg
This file is named bridges-hulk.jpg.
 bent over nude
This file is named bent over nude male posterior a.jpg.
bent over nude male posterior a.jpg
 automatic tran
This file is named automatic transmission 2.jpg.
automatic transmission 2.jpg
 andrea lee 171
This file is named andrea lee 1717.jpg.
andrea lee 1717.jpg
 1489 hatched.j
This file is named 1489 hatched.jpg.
1489 hatched.jpg