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Welcome to the IsoBlock Gallery Builder page.

Gallery Builder will generate all of the web code for an image gallery webpage
using text information that you enter and images that you select and upload.

Gallery Builder is a simple application that writes web code for an image gallery based upon text information that you provide in response to various dialogs, most of which are "fill in the blank" requests, and the images that you select and upload to populate the gallery along with an optional page background image and logos. Gallery Builder is set up to generate a fixed format gallery, so for example you may change the name of the gallery but you may not determine where and how that name will be displayed. If you like this design or format for a web gallery, you are in business.

Gallery Builder supports JPG, PNG, and GIF format images.

Ordinarily the Gallery Builder application presents itself as a tool to enable a user to create and subsequently download a ZIP archive containing all the content for a web image gallery. The user can then unZip the archive to display and use the web gallery they made. In this mode Gallery Builder does not save any content from users, and in fact it deletes the ZIP archive after a timeout delay.

Gallery Builder is not intended to provide a hosting service and it does not provide archive storage for image galleries. Once Gallery builder has generated a web gallery archive, the application expects to download that archive to you, so that you may then use or host the gallery on your own website or local media. Once the gallery archive is generated and prepared for downloading it will be deleted after a delay. There is no storage on the IsoBlock site for the generated web gallery archives.

Another way to use Gallery Builder is as a tool to make and display web image gallery pages to then host on the site where Gallery Builder is installed. There is a lovely term, "eat your own dogfood", and I use Gallery Builder to create image gallery pages that I display on my own domain. For example, this could be used by a school or other organization with a web domain to allow students to build and upload galleries of their graphics work to be displayed on the school web site. The documentation explaining this option and others is part of the codebase repository on Github. Click the footer below for links. ☺

Gallery Builder uses PHP and mySQLi and other software to generate the image gallery pages; however the generated web code, the gallery that Gallery Builder makes, is just HTML, CSS, and javascript so it will run off most any host or media with most browsers. The image gallery uses "responsive design" to allow it to be used on various devices from smartphones to desktops at all screen sizes.

We have a "Gallery Builder video" that shows the steps in the Gallery Builder process.

At the bottom of each Gallery Builder dialog page there is a Previous and a Next "button" to allow you to navigate through the application steps.

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