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A Gallery of some of my Digital Drawings

This image gallery was made by the IsoBlock Gallery Builder shareware

These are digital images that I made recently. Some are scanned drawings originally done in traditional media, most are completely digital. Virtually all the image work was done in Adobe Photoshop CC.
All of these images have been reduced in size to minimize load times.

Click an image to see it full screen.

message 996 spheroid g
This file is named 996 spheroid girl 7.jpg.
996 spheroid girl 7.jpg
message 1493.jpg
This file is named 1493.jpg.
message 1651 and 1655.
This file is named 1651 and 1655.jpg.
1651 and 1655.jpg
message a boy and his
This file is named a boy and his dawg.jpg.
a boy and his dawg.jpg
message adventure girl
This file is named adventure girl.jpg.
adventure girl.jpg
message Alma Ionescu a
This file is named Alma Ionescu a.jpg.
Alma Ionescu a.jpg
message Amys scorpion.
This file is named Amys scorpion.jpg.
Amys scorpion.jpg
message Andrea Lee 171
This file is named Andrea Lee 1717 dolly.jpg.
Andrea Lee 1717 dolly.jpg
message blue baby
This file is named blue baby a.jpg.
blue baby a.jpg
message blue green.jpg
This file is named blue green.jpg.
blue green.jpg
message borderline.jpg
This file is named borderline.jpg.
message call to mornin
This file is named call to morning prayer.jpg.
call to morning prayer.jpg
message candy
This file is named candy lover.jpg.
candy lover.jpg
message chica.jpg
This file is named chica.jpg.
message chillin.jpg
This file is named chillin.jpg.
message daisy.jpg
This file is named daisy.jpg.
message day 1439 cross
This file is named day 1439 crosshatch.jpg.
day 1439 crosshatch.jpg
message day 1442 mod.j
This file is named day 1442 mod.jpg.
day 1442 mod.jpg
message day 1454 crop
This file is named day 1454 crop plus inkhatch.jpg.
day 1454 crop plus inkhatch.jpg
message day 1517 mod.j
This file is named day 1517 mod.jpg.
day 1517 mod.jpg
message day 1531 mod.j
This file is named day 1531 mod.jpg.
day 1531 mod.jpg
message day 1548 mod.j
This file is named day 1548 mod.jpg.
day 1548 mod.jpg
message day 1575 mod.j
This file is named day 1575 mod.jpg.
day 1575 mod.jpg
message day 1576 mod.j
This file is named day 1576 mod.jpg.
day 1576 mod.jpg
message day 1589 and 1
This file is named day 1589 and 1599.jpg.
day 1589 and 1599.jpg
message day 1616 mod i
This file is named day 1616 mod ink2.jpg.
day 1616 mod ink2.jpg
message day 1622 and A
This file is named day 1622 and Adansonia_digitata_Baobab.jpg.
day 1622 and Adansonia_digitata_Baobab.jpg
message day 1626-1625
This file is named day 1626-1625 mod.jpg.
day 1626-1625 mod.jpg
message day 1651 mod.j
This file is named day 1651 mod.jpg.
day 1651 mod.jpg
message day 1655 mod.j
This file is named day 1655 mod.jpg.
day 1655 mod.jpg
message day 1701 a.jpg
This file is named day 1701 a.jpg.
day 1701 a.jpg
message dispersion.jpg
This file is named dispersion.jpg.
message DreamTimeBirde
This file is named DreamTimeBirdex.jpg.
message Eleura Garmer
This file is named Eleura Garmer Ramirez.jpg.
Eleura Garmer Ramirez.jpg
message entanglement.j
This file is named entanglement.jpg.
message fakers creek.j
This file is named fakers creek.jpg.
fakers creek.jpg
message flycatcher.jpg
This file is named flycatcher.jpg.
message French Polynes
This file is named French Polynesia Moorea Island-Hibiscus Land mod day 1331 2.jpg.
French Polynesia Moorea Island-Hibiscus Land mod day 1331 2.jpg
message Gillian 2016-0
This file is named Gillian 2016-02-17-0001.jpg.
Gillian 2016-02-17-0001.jpg
message grimace 2.jpg
This file is named grimace 2.jpg.
grimace 2.jpg
message Hale Crater sp
This file is named Hale Crater sphere.jpg.
Hale Crater sphere.jpg
message head man.jpg
This file is named head man.jpg.
head man.jpg
message headin.jpg
This file is named headin.jpg.
message hughDay564.jpg
This file is named hughDay564.jpg.
message in blue.jpg
This file is named in blue.jpg.
in blue.jpg
message journal_dexpo_
This file is named journal_dexpo_pierre_gonnord_2009 mod.jpg.
journal_dexpo_pierre_gonnord_2009 mod.jpg
message kisses on the
This file is named kisses on the wind.jpg.
kisses on the wind.jpg
message knome.jpg
This file is named knome.jpg.
message landscape boul
This file is named landscape boulders.jpg.
landscape boulders.jpg
message le chat.jpg
This file is named le chat.jpg.
le chat.jpg
message lithium.jpg
This file is named lithium.jpg.
message lone rider.jpg
This file is named lone rider.jpg.
lone rider.jpg
message network hero a
This file is named network hero a.jpg.
network hero a.jpg
message Oh holy shit!
This file is named Oh holy shit! We succeeded! a.jpg.
Oh holy shit! We succeeded! a.jpg
message outflow.jpg
This file is named outflow.jpg.
message outpost
This file is named outpost six.jpg.
outpost six.jpg
message palace of cupo
This file is named palace of cupolas.jpg.
palace of cupolas.jpg
message party girl 2.j
This file is named party girl 2.jpg.
party girl 2.jpg
message patti.jpg
This file is named patti.jpg.
message peedra.jpg
This file is named peedra.jpg.
message ruins of the o
This file is named ruins of the old ones.jpg.
ruins of the old ones.jpg
message scenery 98 plu
This file is named scenery 98 plus.jpg.
scenery 98 plus.jpg
message scenery 99 + d
This file is named scenery 99 + day 1511.jpg.
scenery 99 + day 1511.jpg
message shiprockNM.jpg
This file is named shiprockNM.jpg.
message shortcut b.jpg
This file is named shortcut b.jpg.
shortcut b.jpg
message shortcut.jpg
This file is named shortcut.jpg.
This file is named singularity.jpg.
message starkers a.jpg
This file is named starkers a.jpg.
starkers a.jpg
message steamers 2.jpg
This file is named steamers 2.jpg.
steamers 2.jpg
message stunner b.jpg
This file is named stunner b.jpg.
stunner b.jpg
message survivor.jpg
This file is named survivor.jpg.
message swimmer.jpg
This file is named swimmer.jpg.
message test.jpg
This file is named test.jpg.
message thanera.jpg
This file is named thanera.jpg.
message the apples of
This file is named the apples of the stars.jpg.
the apples of the stars.jpg
message the neighbor b
This file is named the neighbor boy.jpg.
the neighbor boy.jpg
message triangulation.
This file is named triangulation.jpg.
message unhappy
This file is named unhappy cat.jpg.
unhappy cat.jpg
message verde.jpg
This file is named verde.jpg.