ArtSeeOpt-in Image Viewer for Facebook

Welcome to ArtSee!
the Opt-In Image Viewer for Facebook.

This is the main landing page for the ArtSee viewer.

ArtSee is an opt-in image viewer application for Facebook. ArtSee is set up to allow for the exercise of "artistic freedom" or "freedom of expression" on the part of artists and content providers while maintaining the equally important right of the audience to choose whether or not they wish to view such content.

It functions as a free opt-in image viewer for Facebook users who must actively choose to view images shared through the application to see them. Uploading images to share and viewing uploaded images are free for Facebook users.

You can learn more about this ArtSee application site, including the “About ArtSee” mission statement, our “Terms of Service”, the “Privacy Policy”, and the “Cookies Policy” through the “About” menu. Please take a few moments to read the terms that you must agree to in order to use this site and application. Use of this site signifies that you accept these terms.

To upload or delete your image content use the “Operations” selection in the menu. Managing image content on the ArtSee application site will require you to log in as a Facebook user.

We would appreciate a Facebook “Like” for the ArtSee application, and you can do that easily by clicking the menu entry.