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A Gallery of some of my Drawings, Folio Four

This image gallery was made by the IsoBlock Gallery Builder shareware

This is a gallery of drawings that I made recently. Most of these were drawn in traditional media that has been scanned.
This image gallery was created by providing text information like this descriptive paragraph to the Gallery Builder dialogs and by selecting and uploading the image content that comprises the gallery itself.

Click an image to see it full screen.

message day 1162
This file is named day 1162 v2.jpg.
day 1162 v2.jpg
message day 1162.jpg
This file is named day 1162.jpg.
day 1162.jpg
message day 1163.jpg
This file is named day 1163.jpg.
day 1163.jpg
message day 1166 a.jpg
This file is named day 1166 a.jpg.
day 1166 a.jpg
message day 1166.jpg
This file is named day 1166.jpg.
day 1166.jpg
message day 1173.jpg
This file is named day 1173.jpg.
day 1173.jpg
message day 1179.jpg
This file is named day 1179.jpg.
day 1179.jpg
message day 1197.jpg
This file is named day 1197.jpg.
day 1197.jpg
message day 1231.jpg
This file is named day 1231.jpg.
day 1231.jpg
message day 1232.jpg
This file is named day 1232.jpg.
day 1232.jpg
message day 1237.jpg
This file is named day 1237.jpg.
day 1237.jpg
message day 1239.jpg
This file is named day 1239.jpg.
day 1239.jpg
message day 1241.jpg
This file is named day 1241.jpg.
day 1241.jpg
message day 1242.jpg
This file is named day 1242.jpg.
day 1242.jpg
message day 1243.jpg
This file is named day 1243.jpg.
day 1243.jpg
message day 1247.jpg
This file is named day 1247.jpg.
day 1247.jpg
message day 1248.jpg
This file is named day 1248.jpg.
day 1248.jpg
message day 1249.jpg
This file is named day 1249.jpg.
day 1249.jpg
message day 1251.jpg
This file is named day 1251.jpg.
day 1251.jpg
message day 1252.jpg
This file is named day 1252.jpg.
day 1252.jpg
message day 1257.jpg
This file is named day 1257.jpg.
day 1257.jpg
message day 1270.jpg
This file is named day 1270.jpg.
day 1270.jpg
message day 1274 penci
This file is named day 1274 pencil.jpg.
day 1274 pencil.jpg
message day 1276.jpg
This file is named day 1276.jpg.
day 1276.jpg
message day 1281.jpg
This file is named day 1281.jpg.
day 1281.jpg
message ddc 891 wanted
This file is named ddc 891 wanted poster.jpg.
ddc 891 wanted poster.jpg
message ddc 892 room w
This file is named ddc 892 room with a view full.jpg.
ddc 892 room with a view full.jpg
message ddc 893 rabbit
This file is named ddc 893 rabbit.jpg.
ddc 893 rabbit.jpg
message deniro-taxi dr
This file is named deniro-taxi driver.jpg.
deniro-taxi driver.jpg
message dismay.jpg
This file is named dismay.jpg.
message donny and dawg
This file is named donny and dawg fin.jpg.
donny and dawg fin.jpg
message ebony.jpg
This file is named ebony.jpg.
message elton john ink
This file is named elton john ink.jpg.
elton john ink.jpg
message fisty.jpg
This file is named fisty.jpg.
message gargoyle.jpg
This file is named gargoyle.jpg.
message ginger snaps.j
This file is named ginger snaps.jpg.
ginger snaps.jpg
message horse+rider-gi
This file is named horse+rider-girl 3.jpg.
horse+rider-girl 3.jpg
message howler
This file is named howler mod2.jpg.
howler mod2.jpg
message inkgirl1.jpg
This file is named inkgirl1.jpg.
message inkgirl2.jpg
This file is named inkgirl2.jpg.
message inkgirl3 a.jpg
This file is named inkgirl3 a.jpg.
inkgirl3 a.jpg
message jaqen nu2
This file is named jaqen nu2 a.jpg.
jaqen nu2 a.jpg
message jaqen nu3.jpg
This file is named jaqen nu3.jpg.
jaqen nu3.jpg
message never board b.
This file is named never board b.jpg.
never board b.jpg
message Peter Lorre in
This file is named Peter Lorre in the 1935 movie Mad Love.jpg.
Peter Lorre in the 1935 movie Mad Love.jpg
message phoebe a.jpg
This file is named phoebe a.jpg.
phoebe a.jpg
message poopoe ddc col
This file is named poopoe ddc colored.jpg.
poopoe ddc colored.jpg
message ramsay stppled
This file is named ramsay stppled.jpg.
ramsay stppled.jpg
message rebar.jpg
This file is named rebar.jpg.
message rooster ddc co
This file is named rooster ddc colored.jpg.
rooster ddc colored.jpg
message seated nude an
This file is named seated nude and dragon a.jpg.
seated nude and dragon a.jpg
message selfie3 11-01-
This file is named selfie3 11-01-2017.jpg.
selfie3 11-01-2017.jpg
message selfie4 11-01-
This file is named selfie4 11-01-2017 a.jpg.
selfie4 11-01-2017 a.jpg
message Shyla ink.jpg
This file is named Shyla ink.jpg.
Shyla ink.jpg
message smiling nude.j
This file is named smiling nude.jpg.
smiling nude.jpg
message sparrow ink +
This file is named sparrow ink + a.jpg.
sparrow ink + a.jpg
message surprised.jpg
This file is named surprised.jpg.
message timecaster.jpg
This file is named timecaster.jpg.
message walter brennan
This file is named walter brennan ink.jpg.
walter brennan ink.jpg
message zeus agonistes
This file is named zeus agonistes fin.jpg.
zeus agonistes fin.jpg
message zombie day 706
This file is named zombie day 706.jpg.
zombie day 706.jpg